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Disclaimer: Our group had to attend to school, so we only spent 48 hours on the game. If there are any issues, gamebreaking or not, it would be nice if we were notified via the comments section

Theme: Sacrifices must be made.

Idea: Turn Based Resource Management Game - Submarine, all abilities use energy, can SACRIFICE (trade) health for energy

@Jickamangah - Game Designer, UI Designer, Sound/Music Designer, Character Sprites 
@NotLivingPool - Programmer, Team carry 
@Kintama45 - Character Designer, Mechanics Designer, Backdrop, Idea Origin

You are facing four soviet units: The scout, the heavy hitter, the tank and the final boss. You have these tools in your trusty submarine to help you survive:

EP=Energy Points 
HP=Health Points 

-Torpedo (-10EP, 7DMG) 
-Guns (-5EP, 3DMG) 
-Flak (-2EP, 2DMG)
-Rest (+4HP) 
-Sacrifice health for energy 
    -1HP, +2EP| 
    -3HP, +5EP  
    -7HP, +10EP

Good luck, be resourceful and HAVE FUN!

Install instructions

*IMPORTANT* LAUNCH INFORMATION: When launching the game you MUST set these settings: 

 - 1440x900 screen resolution

 - Ultra graphics quality 

 - Windowed ON


The Dark Sea.app.zip 43 MB

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