In a world with walking puzzle pieces, sassy signs and gravity defying objects, a lone puzzle piece ventures out on its quest for freedom. Control it and its brethren in order to escape and journey to the outside world.

This game was made for Brackey's 2021.1 Game Jam.

All interactions are designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible.  WASD for movement, Q and E for rotation, left click/right click for interaction, and backspace to restart a stage. 

Collaborators: NotLivingPool (General manager/Secondary programmer/Secondary Level Designer), Joshuc (Lead programmer), eeaann9044 (Background artist/Tertiary programmer), Jickamangah (Animator/Level Designer/Asset Artist/Musician), Kintama54 (Lead Asset Artist), JuliusC (Lead Musician)

Install instructions

Being the clumsy fools we are, we uploaded the game in 16:10 when we designed it in 16:9. This cannot be changed until after the voting period, but for now just know one of the levels has a lever in the top right corner that you can't see. If you can't figure out why you can't finish a level, that's most likely why.

Here's a version of the game with the fixed 16:9 ratio.  There is a list of fixes and proposed fixes in the description

Please play this AFTER you've rated the uploaded version and/or consider the misstep in your rating. 


Download 27 MB


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Great game! Especially love the humor/snarky signs!

a tela bugou quando cheguei nos negocio vermelho